Digital typefaces are software, everybody who reproduce text with the font archive, needs a permission of use called End User License Agreement (EULA). I.g: installing the font in computers, embeding in apps, use for the text in a website or the credits for a film. Given the diversity of possible context and ranges, there are different types of licenses.


Types of Licences in short


Right for install a font on a predetermined amount of computers for design with it. You can compose text and design graphics for print, packaging and video with some restrictions. Please read the full licence (pdf).


Right for use a font in one website, the size of licenses depends of the number of monthly visits. Please read the full licence (pdf).


Right for embedding a font into one application you build or a e-book you publish, such as epub, pdf, and IOS or Android apps. If you wish to purchase a especial licence, please write us


Right for use a font in your audiovisual production (film, television, or online) and Broadcast in determined territories or world wide. This license start with more than 100 thousand daily views.

We only sell this licence by via direct inquiries. If you wish to purchase a especial licence, please write us


Is the right to install a Trial Font in a computer just for private test drive. Thats apply only to Trial Fonts files with reduced character sets delivered by us for that specific use. Go to Trial Fonts.

SIL Open Font Licence v1.1 *

The OFL licence for fonts in the open source community. The OFL allows the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves. You can read the full SIL licence in the project website here.

* we offer this licence as an alternative for custom projects, in this special case we act like a service of type design and this licence not apply to our public catalogue. If you wish to purchase a especial licence, please write us
Find answers in our Support Page or Request a Custom Licence.