We are a independent research and typedesign collective. Our interest focus are on alphabets and his expression in popular and written culture. From there we are dedicated to the design of custom fonts and developing a conceptual catalog with exclusive distribution in this website.

We believe that a font acquire high quality with a full dedication in the typographical details. Where the rhythm, spacing and aesthetic coherence are fundamentals. Also we design small families, for a better usability of our typefaces and a craftsman approach for our lives.

Joaquín Contreras Soto & Miguel Hernández Montoya, South American designers, have been featured in the Biennial Tipos Latinos on several occasions and they also been part of the jury. They have worked as pre and postgraduate teachers, and are independent researchers working from Germany and Chile.

Joaquín Pedro Contreras Soto.
Erlmühler Str. 52
91599 Dentlein am Forst.